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Libby Anna Greenfield has been interested in the psychic and mystical World since she was a child. Her great grandmother, grandmother and mother were professional tarot card readers. When she was faced with deciding whether or not to give up her well paid career to become a full time clairvoyant psychic, tarot card reader and medium instead the first step she took was asking The British Astrological & Psychic Society’s experts to test her and check that her best email psychic readings were good enough to offer to the general public. It concerned her that she had met a lot of people who claim to be psychics, clairvoyants and mediums who had no proven track record and expected you to take their word for it that they could help. You would not take the word of an unqualified and unproven counsellor, therapist, doctor or dentist so why trust just anyone who claims to be able to answer your questions, solve your problems, make predictions and understand you by psychic means?

When she asked people how they knew for sure they were clairvoyant and good at doing the best email psychic readings they would say they knew they were good because they just knew, or their friends had told them they are good. This was not good enough for her. After all a friend could tell you that you are good at doing readings simply because they want more free readings or do not want to annoy you, and friends are not experts, they are not knowledgeable enough about the subject to really be able to tell the difference between someone who is wishful thinking or someone who has the abilities. Libby Anna Greenfield believes it is selfish and irresponsible to approach strangers claiming to be able to do something that perhaps you are not really capable of. Especially when those people rely on you for information that helps them make decisions about their relationships and future. It is a huge responsibility to help someone with such decisions and should not be taken lightly. Libby has met a lot of people who claim to be psychic but very few who really are. Many of those who claim to be able to read the tarot cards or do mediumship work are on an ego trip (same as many who claim they can write, sing, act or dance) rather than having the abilities, others want attention and others are deliberately lying because they want your money.

Surely the fair and simple way to make sure you are good at doing the best email psychic readings is to take expert tests? This is what Libby Anna Greenfield did. You cannot rely on your own judgement or what your friends say! The interesting thing is that most people who claim to be psychics and tarot card readers have never heard of these tests – just showing you how little they know about this subject – or they refuse to take them, some take the tests, fail them, and then carry on anyway! Insisting they had a bad day or the expert who tested them that day made a mistake! This proves they are putting their own needs and feelings before those of their potential clients. Supposing you consult someone like this for the best email psychic readings and they give you inaccurate information and false predictions… yet you listen to them and believe them and act upon what they told you. How long before you realise you made a huge mistake when you decided to get a divorce, or end the relationship with your ex? And what can you do about it? You cannot go back to them and say sorry but I thought I had the best email psychic readings from someone who got it all wrong and now I realise I should not have listened to them and can we get back together please?

Libby Anna Greenfield vowed that when I was tested by the many experts at The British & Astrological and Psychic Society I would go by their decision. She had a good job. She was not hoping to con people into believing she was a psychic as a way to earn some money. Quite the opposite, if she gave up this well paid job to do the best email psychic readings instead she would end up working much longer hours for a lot less money. If any of the experts had decided Libby’s readings were inadequate she would forget the whole idea of being a full time paid professional clairvoyant psychic, tarot card reader and medium. But every single expert who tested her gave her the thumbs up. Some became regular clients afterwards.

Because Libby Anna Greenfield likes to dot all of the is and cross all of the ts she asked journalists at her local newspapers to test her. As you probably know journalists frown upon people who call themselves psychics because they tend to end up writing stories about the fakes who have conned people out of a lot of money. They are very suspicious and always looking for the next fake to write a nasty story about. The last thing they want is to find that the clairvoyant, psychic, tarot card reader and medium is genuine. It leaves them with no story. The journalists eagerly met Libby and tested her. Every single one of them was impressed. You can see some of their comments on the testimonial page. LINK TO.

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For years clients came to see Libby Anna Greenfield face to face. We are going back many years. There were no computers, websites or mobile phones. People would read about a psychic in a newspaper and travel to see them. Libby became so busy it was hard to keep up with demand. She advertised for clairvoyants, psychics, tarot card readers and mediums to work for her and tested a lot of them only to find that only about one percent were the real deal. Making it impossible to offer a genuine call centre or agency experience that really helps.

Libby Anna Greenfield refuses to be linked to or work with agencies, call centres, premium rate lines who believe in the pile them high and sell them cheap approach… rather than quality. She has had many offers to and could have made a lot of money from it. You know that the quality of her work is always exceptionally high. When you book a consultation with Libby you always get her so you will not have to wonder who it is you will be getting help from and whether they are as good or as bad as the last one you tried and maybe regretted. Because it is always Libby Anna Greenfield you have continuity. If you consulted her recently she will remember you. She works alone because you deserve to hear the truth, hear things as they are, not some fairy story where a fake tells you what you want to hear, only for you to realise months or so later it was untrue and your hopes are dashed. Get a very personal and private, totally confidential best email psychic readings that really help and is done with skill, wisdom, passion and care

Many years later Libby Anna Greenfield finds that the best email psychic readings are the best way to do sittings. It saves you travelling perhaps hundreds of miles or more to see her. It saves you wasting a great deal of money on those journeys, or worrying about being on time for your appointment. Psychic telephone readings often mean that someone who lives in Australia, USA, Canada etc has to take a day off of work or stay up night to be able to speak to her when Libby is available. And a lot of people who have psychic telephone readings remember it differently to what was said, hearing what they want to hear or fear to hear instead of what was said.

Best email psychic readings are perfect because it is down in black and white word for word, you can re-read it whenever you wish and show it to someone if you wish. To book your sitting with her go to the email readings page. (LINK TO). Choose the reading you want today, pay for it through the very safe method of pay pal and relax. Sit back and look forward to receiving your email psychic reading from Libby Anna Greenfield very soon.

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