PlayProtect Canopy Screens, the outdoor classroom space you and the children will love!

Trying to teach with limited space is really difficult!
Because genuine usable outdoor space is simply hard to create.

Outdoor classrooms


Enclosed spaces






Clean & dry






Engaging & vibrant

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Full installation & 2 year product guarantee

PlayProtect Screens Protection from: Sun Wind Rain Snow

Weather Protection: that works to help you teach and play outdoors

Wish you could do more with your existing Canopy and outdoor space ?

Are you struggling to make practical daily use of your Canopy?
Do you find it difficult to lesson plan for outdoor play and free flow?
Is it hard to keep the children warm, dry and happy, whatever the weather?
Do you find yourself waiting for a break in the weather to go outside?
Ever wish the children could sit down to play, draw and read outside?
Are you fed up of the equipment, toys, and furniture, constantly get damp and dirty?
Frustrated that your Canopy / outdoor space isn’t actually returning on the investment and providing the protection you need?

Struggle no more there's a brand new product to do just that !

Transform your Canopy, into a super teaching and play area the children will love.
Say goodbye to the wind and rain in your own made to measure weather resistant outdoor free flow space.
Save valuable time and create your ideal outdoor classroom in minutes, anytime of day with our PlayProtect retractable screens.
Enjoy stepping out into a vibrant, clean, fresh and functional space, that will provides a richer learning environment for young children.
Protect your equipment, toys, books and furniture.
Create a space that’s colourful, engaging and fully retractable.
Have peace of mind, as our PlayProtect screens are safe, secure, maintenance free and guaranteed for 2 years.
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