Track & Field Bleacher

Our Track & Field Bleacher is a lightweight and comfortable aluminium bleacher system designed for outdoor use. It has a strong yet easy to manoeuvre modular frame for fast and easy setup, plus weatherproof materials to withstand harsh outdoor elements. It is a cost-effective choice for creating outdoor tiered seating.

Track & Field Bleacher

Arena Bleacher

Spectator Terraces

Track & Field Bleacher is perfect for use at a range of outdoor venues, including equestrian centres, school fields, multi-use games areas, running tracks, outdoor lidos, American football fields, and 3G synthetic sports pitches. The modular design and easy installation mean you can easily add or remove modules to increase or decrease spectator capacity.

The system is also highly cost-effective and great value for money. The robust construction and durable yet lightweight aluminium frame will last for many years, even with regular use. Although bleachers come in standard sizes, we can accommodate custom designs should you need something more personalised.

Feature summary

Standard modules are 2.4m in length (custom sizes available)
Choose from 2, 3, 4, and 5-tier configurations
All-aluminium frame is lightweight yet highly durable
Weatherproof to prevent rusting or damage while outdoors
Easy to manoeuvre by two people using skid trolleys

Lightweight Yet Strong Aluminium Frame

Track & Field Bleacher is designed and manufactured in the UK in Mainstage Ltd’s dedicated factory. The frame is made from 6082-T6 aluminium, a material that is surprisingly lightweight and has superb corrosion resistance.

The metal alloy is used in many industries due to its considerable strength and versatility. You can be sure the bleacher will be able to withstand demanding use, bumps and knocks, rainfall, and harsh outdoor elements.

Suitable for All Kinds Of Outdoor Venues

The lightweight yet durable frame and easy installation makes Track & Field Bleacher the perfect system for outdoor seating. It is a great choice for sports venues where you need to seat spectators in raised increments. Place it next to 3G football and hockey pitches to accommodate fans, family, and friends of participants.

Track & Field Bleacher is also a good fit for countless other outdoor venues, including school playing fields and outdoor running tracks. You can give your sports events increased prestige and status with the inclusion of seated spectators. The innovative design allows you to add or remove bleacher modules as needed.

Available In Different Lengths & Tier Options

The system is available in standard module lengths 2.4m. These easily connect together to form an integrated seating solution. You can choose from 2, 3, 4, and 5 tiers. Custom sizes to fit your usable space are available on request.

If necessary, we can also raise the height of the bleacher system. This is useful in situations where spectators require extra lift to see over fences and barriers. We add additional steps up to the first row, which in turn increases the overall height of the system.

Track & Field Bleacher Packs

Track & Field Bleacher packs are made from four 2.4m modules and a 1.2m aisleway x [the number of tiers you need, up to a maximum of 5 tiers]. You can scale up packs to meet your spectator capacity requirements. Please be aware that these packs act as a guide and we can make bleachers to custom sizes.


Pack 1

At 10.8m Wide x 3 Tiers [62 Person Capacity]

Pack 2

At 10.8m Wide x 4 Tiers [82 Person Capacity]

Pack 3

At 10.8m Wide x 5 Tiers [102 Person Capacity]

Easy To Store Away & Transport

One of the key advantages of Track & Field Bleacher is its lightweight frame that is easy to set up and manoeuvre. The module design makes it ideal for storing away in compact spaces. Transporting the bleacher is also easy with the help of skid trolleys, as demonstrated in the images below.

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