Tiered Seating Banks

Tiered seating banks based on our Cameo system are the ideal choice for manufacturing a tailored multi-level seating arrangement to suit your venue’s unique requirements. Additionally, both our Performa and Ovation systems can be incorporated into your design, depending on your specific requirements.


Crowd Barriers

This solution is exceptionally cost-effective when compared to retractable seating banks. It is hassle-free to assemble and disassemble, granting you the flexibility to optimise your available space, ensuring unforgettable performances for your audience.

Cameo Tiered Seating Banks give you the ability to elevate audience members above the performance area with incrementally raised platforms. The system allows you to quickly create a durable, multi-level seating solution to accommodate an audience, either with loose chairs or a fixed bench configuration.

Feature summary

Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble
Suitable for portable banks up to 2m in height
Complies with all relevant building regulations
Custom deck sizes to hold chairs of any size
Designed and made in Mainstage Ltd’s UK factory
The system is useful for enhancing the performance area in theatres, universities, schools, on television shows, for live sporting events, and in many other settings. Tiered seating allows you to accommodate a greater number of chairs than the floor alone. It also vastly improves the line of sight each audience member has.

For your shows to run as effectively as possible, you need to consider the experience of your audience and how they interact with the performance. The design of your seating plays a key role in this. Our demountable tiered seating banks enable you to enhance the atmosphere and prestige of your presentations.

To achieve this, we examine your workable area in great detail, maximising the ability of your audience to connect with the performer and vice versa. This includes finding the most optimal viewing angle (sightlines) and enabling the audience to be as close to the performance as possible to achieve the best visual and audio presentation.

Cost-effective, versatile, & fully customisable

Our demountable seating banks have several other advantages over fixed and retractable seating arrangements. They are more cost-effective than fixed and retractable, and allow for truly customisable, bespoke seating configurations. The modular design allows you to easily assemble and dismantle the system. Each module is lightweight enough for two people to manoeuvre and set up with minimal effort. You can also easily transport the system from venue to venue in a vehicle. This is simply not possible with fixed or retractable seating.

The Cameo tiered system functions on most types of flooring, both indoors and outdoors. This is ideal for situations where a retractable system is too heavy or may risk damage to the surface, or for cases when you are limited with usable space.

The system can be easily reconfigured to achieve different tiered levels to suit a range of performances and situations. This gives you plenty of scope and flexibility to create all kinds of interesting theatrical formats based on established layouts, such as ‘traverse’, ‘in the round’, ‘thrust’, ‘promenade’, and ‘end stage’.

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View erecting a platform video
Cameo tiered seating banks feature Mainstage Ltd’s unique and innovative Leg Lock feature. This allows for super-fast installation and dismantling of the system’s legs and alloy frames. You just insert the legs and lock the lever to fully secure. The lever is made from glass-filled nylon that is stronger than steel so it will never break.

Our demountable seating banks are portable and convenient to store away and transport. The modules, components, and accessories are compatible with our range of innovative storage and transportation options.

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View inserting a leg into the leg-lock corner video

A wide range of industry-leading features

Our Cameo tiered seating banks come with many innovative, market-leading features, giving you great flexibility to create a tiered stage the way you want. The portable modular decks are lightweight enough to carry by two people, enabling a fast and easy setup, plus simple transportation on trolleys or in a vehicle.

The system is compatible with easy-to-fit frames and braces (required for heights of 1m and above). These improve the sturdiness of the leg components and eliminates any lateral movement, ensuring the seating remains stable. Similarly to the leg components, frames connect using the innovative Leg Lock feature.

For guardrails, we use an ‘overlap tiering’ method of attachment. This increases the cost-effectiveness and greatly enhances the strength and rigidity of the system.

For seating, you can choose between a choice of chair types and fixed upholstered banquettes. Banquette benches are available in different sizes and colours to meet your exact requirements.

The Cameo system is also available in a choice of finishes, including natural, painted, clear varnished, and carpeted options.

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Tiered seating that meets all relevant building regulations

No matter what design you choose, we provide advice and guidance to ensure your seating bank meets all relevant regulations, as set out in the ABTT Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment (the ‘yellow book’). We do this by ensuring the correct step heights, aisle widths, row depths, seatways/clear ways, and fire regulations are adhered to at all times. This is important to ensure your performance complies with the relevant legislation.

Cameo Tiered Seating Packs

A number of packs are available that allow you to create a basic tiered seating bank. These packs act as a guide and in reality, any size system can be achieved to meet your specific requirements. Seating for the system is sold separately.

Pack 1

At 5m x 3m x [190mm, 300mm, 380mm, & Other Incremental Heights]


Pack 2

At 8m x 3m x [190mm, 300mm, 380mm, & Other Incremental Heights]

Pack 3

At 10m x 4m x [190mm, 300mm, 380mm, & Other Incremental Heights]

Storage and transportation

Our tiered seating banks and accessories are compatible with a range of innovative, easy-to-use storage and transportation options, including Deck Storage Trolleys, Storage Kits, Guardrail Trolleys, and Frame Trolleys. Custom options are available.

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