Spectator Terraces

Spectator is an outdoor terrace system designed to accommodate standing spectators. It combines the robustness of outdoor bleachers with the versatility and manoeuvrability of a lightweight indoor system. This semi permanent system has a weatherproof all-aluminium construction with fluted walkways for additional grip.

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Spectator Terraces

With its standing terrace design, Spectator is highly versatile. It is popular for use at many outdoor venues, such as horse and dog racing tracks, at football and rugby grounds, for equestrian performances, outdoor theatres, and in many more settings. The all-weather construction enables you to situate the system wherever you please, giving you great flexibility to adjust your terrace areas according to capacity and demand. The lightweight frame is easily moved using skid trolleys or a forklift truck.

The tiered standing areas of the terrace are slip resistant to keep users safe and secure. Even in wet weather, the steps provide plenty of grip for your attendees. Setup is simple and the system can be constructed with 3, 4, or 5 tiers. Accessories are also available to help you announce your corporate identity and create advertising opportunities to generate revenue

Feature summary

Weatherproof all-aluminium construction
Durable yet lightweight frame for outdoor use
Easy to move and store away using skid trolleys
Slip resistant surface to increase safety and prevent injury
Available in 3, 4, and 5-tier options

Standing Terraces for All Kinds of Outdoor Venues

As an outdoor terrace system for holding standing spectators, Spectator suits a wide variety of venues. Typical uses include for providing extra capacity at lower league football grounds and training areas, at racing tracks, and for outdoor music events.

The system is commonly used to improve the viewing angles and sightlines of spectators, giving them a significant boost in height. This is often helpful in situations where fences, advertising boards, and other obstacles would block the line of sight.

Modular Design with Customisable Options

With its modular design, Spectator is a good option if you need the flexibility to create standing areas based on audience capacity. The modules fit together with ease. You can quickly add or remove terraces to meet the requirements of your venue.

Spectator Terrace System Packs?

Spectator Terrace System Packs are available in 4.8m wide modules and between 3 and 5 tiers in height. Please note: these packs act as a guide and personalised sizing options are possible upon request.


Pack 1

At 4.8m (2x 2.4m) Wide x 3 Tiers, Plus a 1.2m Aisleway [30 Person Capacity]

Pack 2

At 4.8m (2x 2.4m) Wide x 4 Tiers, Plus a 1.2m Aisleway [40 Person Capacity]

Pack 3

At 4.8m (2x 2.4m) Wide x 5 Tiers, Plus a 1.2m Aisleway [50 Person Capacity]

Storage & Transport

One of the key advantages of Spectator is its lightweight form and modular design. These two factors make it easy to move and store away in compact spaces.

Although the frame is lightweight due to its all-aluminium construction, you will need the help of skid trolleys, a forklift truck, or a front loader.

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