Loose Audience Seating

Our range of loose audience seating gives you great flexibility to create custom loose seating arrangements in all kinds of venues and environments. Including indoors, outdoors, and on our Cameo tiered seating banks. You can opt for the more basic and cost-effective Tubular Steel Series or choose the Double Rolled Steel Series, a high-end premium option that comes packed with innovative features.


Crowd Barriers

Due to their flexibility and portability, loose audience seats work for any event where you need to seat an audience. They are often used for award ceremonies, university graduations, office training rooms, hotel conference suites, waiting lounges, faith venues, event arenas, outdoor presentations, TV studios, and in many other settings. They’re also super durable, portable, and easy to transport and store away.

Feature summary

Quick to set-up, pack away, and compact to store on trolleys
Integral linking device to prevent lateral movement (optional)
Ideal for use with our modular Cameo tiered seating banks
Range of frame and upholstery conforming to fire retardancy standards
Vast range of features and accessories, including storage trolleys

Tubular Steel Series – Cost-Effective With Integral Linking Brackets

The Tubular Steel Series is our most basic, budget-friendly option. The range is a great choice if you are seeking lightweight, foldable chairs that are comfortable and easy to store away. This range has linking brackets that ‘link’ the chairs together to stop lateral movement. Alternatively, you can spread the chairs without any links.

Our Tubular Steel Series is a great option if you are on a low budget and need reliable, affordable seating. All our loose audience seating comes with a choice of frame finishes and upholstery colours, allowing you to match your venue’s colour scheme and environment. The upholstery on the chairs conforms to fire retardancy standards.

Double Rolled Steel Series – Premium, Feature-Rich Option

The Double Rolled Steel Series provides stronger, more durable audience seating with many advanced features, such as self-levelling X-frames, interbracket arms, row spacing floor bars, and tip-up seats, to name a few. The self-levelling X-frames are especially useful for use on uneven ground (i.e. for use outdoors on uneven surfaces).

If you are looking for a premium, high-end loose seating option, the Double Rolled Steel Series is highly recommended. It provides great strength and can be customised with a range of frame styles, colours, and accessories. Like all our seating options, the Double Rolled Steel Series features fire retardant upholstery for safety purposes.

Loose seating gives you greater flexibility than fixed seating arrangements. You can create interesting layouts, add or remove chairs depending on audience size, and easily store and transport seats with compact and innovative storage options. You can also use them on our specially designed bespoke Cameo tiered seating banks.

Double Rolled Steel Series Features and Accessories

The double rolled steel frame design provides increased strength compared to basic tubular steel frames and also provides better shock absorption. This premium option is well worth considering if you require highly durable chairs that can withstand regular use and heavy weight loading. Additional features are outlined below:

Integral linking device — The integral linking device on all chairs gives you the option of securely connecting rows of chairs together. This prevents users from moving chairs out of position.
Self-levelling X-frame — The innovative X-frame design means chairs self-level on uneven surfaces. It gives chairs great strength while ensuring they remain lightweight for easy handling and storage.
Folding frames & tip-up seats — Folding frames allow for easy storage and transportation. Tip-up seats are an alternative to fixed seating designs.
Floor bars for row spacing — Floors bars are another optional feature and allow you to precisely mark out the spacing between rows. They are especially recommended when you need accurate row measurement.
Interbracket arms— Interbracket arms prevent the use of double armrests, increasing your audience capacity and improving the strength of fixed rows.
Chair feet – Industry-leading, non-marking rubber feet avoids scratches to delicate surfaces and improves stability and safety.

Folding Chairs for Cameo Tiered Seating Banks

While portable audience seating is suitable for use on the ground, they can equally be used on our Cameo tiered seating banks. Custom seating bank configurations allow you to create unique tiered seating arrangements to meet the exact needs of your audience. This can vastly improve the viewing experience of your attendees.

Our folding chairs range is designed to meet your precise needs. Whether you require basic yet highly functional seating due to budget constraints, or higher-end seating with advanced features, you will find plenty of choices. All chair varieties come with a choice of frames and upholstery colours to match your tiered system.

Loose Chair Storage Options

Being lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, our loose chairs are simple to store away and transport. We have a range of innovative storage options designed to meet the challenges of usable space in your venue.

We offer several sizes of trolley, depending on the number of chairs you wish to accommodate. Single-width trolleys are ideal for transporting chairs through doorways, while double-sized trolleys can carry more chairs but require wider access points. All storage trolleys come with heavy-duty castors so you can easily transport chairs down corridors.

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