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Mainstage Ltd have a long and distinguished record of designing and building bespoke stage and seating systems not only across Ireland, but also globally. Our approach of listening to clients and developing solutions to solve precise problems has earned us a reputation for innovation and customer-focused service.

Part of our success is our unique approach. We listen to clients to develop a range of stages and accessories that are truly built for those who use them. Over time, we have also built up a reputation for problem solving. Our customers often challenge us to create a bespoke solution that perfectly fits their venue.

Or even a custom stage or seating bank that can be easily packaged away for discreet storage. We always relish and rise to these types of challenges! Curved stage sections, ‘Russian doll’ stacking, folding chair storage systems, and other intricate solutions have all become part of our design toolkit over the years.

As founder Mike Sweetland likes to say, ‘our customers are our best designers’.

Great experience in the Irish marketplace

As regular theatre goers, we are well aware of Ireland’s musical and theatrical heritage. We have great experience working across Ireland and aim to seamlessly complement your performances no matter what the venue or location. When working with you, we will discuss the best product for your needs and help you narrow down what modifications (if any) are needed, as well as how many sections and what dimensions to supply.

Access stairs and ramps can be supplied and section shapes can be reconfigured as necessary. We ensure everything meets your exact requirements so you can focus on your performance, safe in the knowledge the stage is safe and fit for purpose. Being based out of Lancaster, we are well placed for easy visits and for shipping to Ireland via Liverpool. Our office is only 1 hour 30 minutes from Liverpool airport and sea port. All stages all come with a 10-year guarantee.

Stage and seating systems for all kinds of venues

Mainstage Ltd is perfectly placed to provide the staging and audience solutions you need in any part of Ireland. We have a long track record of working with all kinds of organisations and venues. We have worked with rural primary schools and churches to supply bespoke Debut systems, installed Cameo staging and loose seating for conference centres, and installed both temporary and permanent stages for theatres. We have even undertaken stage installations for outdoor venues, such as for music festivals!

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Whatever you need, we have a system that can be tailored to suit. Get in touch today by sending us a message using the enquiry form below. A representative will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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