Portable stages

Mainstage provide a versatile range of portable stage systems tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring you’re not limited to a single option. These stages are lightweight, modular, and flexible, allowing for customisation to suit your exact requirements.



Our portable stages are available in both standard size and custom modules, tailored for various uses to ensure they match your specific needs. By joining the modules, you can form any configuration you desire, offering a truly customised staging solution. Enhance your stage system with a wide range of accessories, including wheelchair access ramps, step units, guardrails, backdrops, and valances, with options for bespoke accessories upon request. The modular design not only simplifies storage and transport compared to fixed stages but also allows for easy handling and movement. With our storage and transport solutions, you can easily assemble, disassemble, store, and move your stage, whether in a van or another method of transport.

Portable Staging Options

Mainstage Ltd offer a premium selection of portable stages, each designed to meet your specific needs. Our range includes lightweight stages ideal for primary schools, versatile medium-duty options suitable for various environments, and robust heavy-duty stages capable of supporting significant weight.

Our family of stages include the Debut, Cameo, Performa, and Ovation models, each tailored for distinct applications. All Mainstage stages are designed and constructed in the UK from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and quality.

Debut – The lightweight option

Debut is a modular stage system that combines light weight, durability, and cost-efficiency, ideally suited for smaller, single-level or tiered setups. It’s an excellent choice for primary schools, churches, hotel conference areas, and community halls, as well as for choirs and drama groups.

Its compact design ensures that Debut is easy to assemble, making it a practical choice for those requiring a straightforward staging solution. The modules are designed for easy assembly and can be managed by one person, offering a convenient option. Debut’s innovative storage solutions also make it an attractive choice for locations with limited space or for scenarios where the system needs to be transported to different locations, such as in a van.

Cameo – The medium-duty option

Cameo is a versatile medium-duty modular stage, ideal for secondary schools, universities, theatres, and various other venues. In its class, it stands out as the market’s lightest stage, ensuring both easy handling and exceptional durability. Only two individuals are needed to transport each module, thanks to its lightweight construction. Our unique, innovative Leg Lock system also facilitates quick and effortless assembly and disassembly.

Designed for adaptability, Cameo supports both single-level and multi-tiered arrangements, enabling you to create anything from a simple flat stage to an intricate demountable tiered seating system. While standard module sizes are provided, custom configurations are possible through tailored cutouts and modifications.

Cameo’s design simplifies storage and transport, with various ingenious solutions available to accommodate your needs.

Performa – Heavy duty yet compact

Performa is the heavy-duty version of Cameo, which features a substantial weight loading capacity of 7.5kN per square meter, making it ideal for supporting large, heavy stage props – such as concert sized grand pianos. This system is especially suited for expansive installations in universities, exhibition centres, and theatres, where high durability and significant weight capacity are crucial.

Featuring our uniquely innovative and user-friendly Leg Lock system, setting up is straightforward – simply attach the legs and secure them in place. The locking handle is created from glass-filled nylon, which is exceptionally robust, surpassing the strength of steel. Despite its sturdy construction, the modules are relatively lightweight and can be managed by two people, ensuring the stage can withstand regular, intensive use while remaining easy to handle.

Like our other staging options, Performa is designed for convenient storage and transportation, maintaining ease of use without compromising on strength.

Ovation – Large standard duty platforms

Ovation is a medium-duty staging solution featuring large platform modules, designed to extend over a greater area while minimising the number of components needed. This efficiency makes Ovation the most cost-effective option in our selection, offering excellent value per square metre.

This system is particularly beneficial for accommodating uneven floor surfaces, as its extensive module sizes bridge over floor inconsistencies, such as bumps and dips, making it suitable for outdoor use as well. Ovation stands out as a versatile staging choice, durable enough to endure prolonged use while maintaining a sturdy, unwavering structure ideal for theatres, universities, and event spaces.

Featuring Mainstage Ltd’s unique Leg Lock technology, the stage can be quickly assembled or disassembled, enhancing convenience. We also provide a range of options for storage and efficient transportation options for this stage system.

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