Portable stages

Mainstage Ltd’s portable stages are versatile, super-durable, and have several advantages over traditional ‘fixed’ staging solutions. Whether you want a stage for a school performance, a church, an exhibition, or otherwise, portable staging is the most cost-effective, flexible method.



Portable stages come in set-sized modules. Each module is available in standard sizes. You connect modules together to achieve your desired configuration. This allows you to create a fully bespoke solution to meet your requirements. You can fully customise your layout and add-on a range of accessories, such as wheelchair access ramps, step units, guard rails, and valances.

The ‘modular’ nature of portable staging means that storage and transportation is fast and easy. This is simply not possible with traditional fixed stages. You can easily carry and manoeuvre modules, quickly set up, dismantle, store, and transport the stage, either in a van or by any other means.

Portable Staging Options

At Mainstage Ltd, we have a range of market-leading portable stage options to suit your exact requirements. We have lightweight stages suitable for primary schools, medium-duty solutions that perform well in any setting, and heavy-duty options with a high weight loading capacity.

Our family of stages includes Debut, Cameo, Performa, and Ovation. Each stage is purposely geared towards different types of use. All Mainstage stages are designed and built in the UK from high-quality materials.

Debut – The lightweight option

Debut is a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective modular stage. It is perfect for achieving smaller single-level and tiered configurations. Primary schools, churches, hotel conference suites, and community centres gain great benefit from Debut. As do choirs and drama groups.

The compact size makes Debut a sensible option if you need a stage that is simple to assemble.

Each module fits together easily and can be carried by a single person. Innovative storage options make Debut a good choice if you have limited space, or if you need to transport the system to other venues (i.e. in the back of a van).

Cameo – The medium-duty option

Cameo is a medium-duty modular stage that works well in secondary schools, universities, theatres, and many other settings. It is the lightest stage in its class on the market, providing ease of use and great durability. The lightweight form only requires two people to carry each module. Cameo’s innovative Leg Lock feature means you can set up and dismantle the stage in seconds.

With its flexible modular design and range of add-ons, Cameo is suitable for both single-tier and tiered configurations. You can use it as a basic flat performance stage or add tiered levels to achieve a multi-level seating bank. Although modules come in standard sizes, it is possible to achieve custom shapes with cutouts and other personalisations.

Storage and transportation is also easy. Multiple innovative storage options are available.

Performa – Heavy duty yet compact

Performa is the heavy-duty version of Cameo and has a weight loading capacity of 7.5kN per square metre. It is perfect for holding bulky, heavyweight stage props. This system is recommended for large scale installations in universities, exhibition centres, and theatres where durability and high weight loading is important.

It has the innovative and super-easy Leg Lock system. Just attach the legs and lock in place. No tools are required. The locking handle is stronger than steel. With its easy setup procedure and relatively lightweight modules that two people can carry, the stage is hard-wearing and robust for regular, demanding use.

Similarly to our other stages, Performa can be easily stored away and transported.

Ovation – Large standard duty platforms

Ovation is a medium-duty staging system that comes in larger platforms. The module sizes cover an increased floor area, enabling you to cover more ground with fewer components. It is this reason why the system is the most cost-effective in our range, per square metre.

Ovation can also be an excellent choice if you need to cover floor inconsistencies. The large module sizes enable you to span bumps and dips with ease. You can even use the stage outdoors with no performance issues. The system is a good option if you need a versatile stage that will stand the test of time. It has a strong, solid feel with no bend, perfect for theatres, universities, and events venues.

Mainstage Ltd’s Leg Lock feature allows you to set up and dismantle the stage in seconds. A variety of storage and transportation options are available.

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