Powers of Attorney

There are now 2 types of POA’s the Financial ones that deal with financial matters eg Banking etc. Not just if you have lost Mental Capacity but for example as you get older you may not wish to deal with such matters.

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Health & Welfare POA

This is for end of life wishes eg. If you have a stroke or terminal cancer and don’t want to be resuscitated. Much more need for them since COVID as now Hospitals and hospices require these to ensure end of life wishes are carried out. (This is presumably because of fear of litigation).

We do it all, make it very easy etc. There is a delay for registration of 20 weeks so if people are thinking of doing them they need to know of the delay.

If a person lacks mental capacity its too late

It makes it easier for the children to have these things in place in advance

I have a standard letter e-mail that I can send out if that helps.


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Not easy to explain initially except to say certainly with older clients most know of someone who has had to sell their home to pay care home costs leaving the children with nothing. Addressing it now ensures that protection can be put in place to cover this eventuality. Also protects against a 2nd marriage following the death of a spouse. This is something that is often a concern for women as statistically men cannot cope without their wives and are more prone to remarry and the thought of their share of the house going to a new spouse is not something they like.


Often the wills are old and don’t cover the above scenarios. They may want to change beneficiaries or have specific gift/legacies they wish to make.

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