Deluxe Valet

This package brings extra Gleam to your paintwork and interior and will automatically enrol you to our free members club which entitles you to the Gold Members only regular valet and other benefits.
Small / Medium Car £115
Estate / SUV £135
MPV / 7 Seater £150

Here’s what we’ll do:

Wheels & Arches
Snowfoam Pre-Wash
Two Bucket Safe Wash
Dust, Vacuum, Clean Interior Trim
Clean Windows – Dress Tyres – Dress Exterior Trim

Other Services Include:

Paint correction and swirl mark removal
Machine Polishing

Headlight Restoration

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Looking for something different?


Properly cleaned wheels make an instant improvement to the overall look of your car.

Using soft brushes we’ll cleen the wheel faces and spokes and give often neglected inner barrels a good clean too!

And let’s not forget the tyres.. A good scrub gets them looking good and makes any tyre dressing applied last longer.

Wheel arches frame the wheels so if they’re dirty it really takes away the appearance of clean wheels, so while we’re down there, the wheel arches will get a good power wash and scrub.

99% of the time we can achieve clean wheels using an acid free wheel cleaner, however in a rare extreme case we may need to use an acid wheel cleaner. We know what we’re doing though and only use safe Autoglym Acid Wheel cleaner, usually diluted.

If the wheel surface is damaged or laquer has peeled we won’t use it so as not to damage to exposed bare alloy.

Snowfoam Pre-wash

We take great care not to cause any swirl marks in your paintwork while cleaning your car.

So before performing a contact wash we use a leading snowfoam pre-wash from Bilt Hamber.

Ph nuetral and wax freindly, the snowfoam gently breaks down road grime allowing it to be pressure washed off the paint.

Two Bucket Safe Contact Wash

The next step in safely washng your car.

We use a well tried and tested method of contact wash, using a seperate shampoo bucket and rinse bucket. Both have grit guards to safely keep large contaminates away from the soft microfibre wash mitt, ensuring dirt is not transferred back onto you car to causse scratches.

We wash the whole car from top to bottom, including the sills, door shuts and boot shuts.

It’s simple but very effective!
We have clients that have had their cars washed weekly over the last 18 months using this method and the paintwork is still swirl free and looking as good as when it came out of the showroom.


Your car is now clean so needs to be dried to leave a streak free finish.

We use Klin Korea Duo drying towels. Arguably the best drying towels on the market!

Soft, super absorbant and lint free, they lift the water effortlessly from the paintwork with the lightest touch, ensuring minimal chance of scratching your pride and joy.

Hand Polish

Let’s protect that paintwork!

Autoglym Super Resin Polish is a widely known and trusted product by a brand that nearly all of my clients can relate to.

The beauty of this polish is it contains fillers that can mask light scratches or swirl marks bringing about a deep gloss finish with protection that can last 3 to 4 months.

It also works extremely well with Autoglym UHD Wax, increasing protection durability up to 6 months, so why not upgrade for only £25 extra?

Dust and Vacuum Interior

What good is a clean exterior if you open the door and you’re met with dirt and mess on the floor?

Using a soft detailing brush, we’ll remove the dirt and dust from your dashboard, air vents, instrument cluster, steering wheel controls, centre console, door panels, seat controls….. the list goes on…

Basically anyhere that traps dust is meticulously cleaned.

We then vacuum the car throughout, including the seats, mats, carpets & boot.

Dog hair? No problem, however some hair and carpet combinations can make for a tough job so there may be an additional charge.

We’ll always discuss this with you first though so there’s no surprises.

Child restraints? Again not a problem, but for safety reasons we won’t remove them. We will give them a good vacuum too. No-one likes sitting in crumbs no matter how small you are!

The final touches

The small things that make all the difference!

Windows are cleaned inside and out.

Greasy fingerprints and smudges are cleaned from media screens and Wood, Carbon, Chrome or Gloss Black interior trim.

The tyres are given a satin or gloss dressing, whichever suits the car best!

Why not try our additional window coatings?

Angelwax H2G0

A water repellant for your windows makes driving in the rain easier! Watch the water run off your windows like a proverbial ducks back!

Tac Systems Ani-Fog treatment

Getting tired of waitng for the scrreen to clear in the mornings? This interior glass coating will prevent your windows misting up in damp weather.


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