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Geri is a successful coach, author and academic researcher in authenticity. She takes complex research and breaks it down into bite-sized life lessons that’ll have you leading your life in no time

Her mission is to help you to be unapologetic, learn who you are, get clarity on what you want and have the confidence to make the changes.

10 years ago, I was suffering from anxiety and unknown unprocessed trauma, papering over the cracks and ignoring myself was no longer an option. I was ‘Cracked open’. Years of living as the person I thought I was had taken its toll, and then it hit me. I felt lost and disconnected from my identity. I didn’t connect with the person I thought I was and I didn’t know how to navigate the way to reaching my true self, I was in no ‘womans land’. The first of many lightbulb moments was discovering I had a deeply hidden Blueprint that had that created the subconscious instructions I was following.
And the second lightbulb was discovering my blueprint which I assumed I had written, had in fact been written long before I even had the chance to pick up the pen.

I’m Geri Carey

Uncover what has shaped you into the person that you are today and use these lessons to create a personal success strategy that’s aligned with your own visions, values and beliefs. Growing your self-awareness will unlock a world of opportunities that will help you to grow the relationship you have with yourself and others.


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