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Are you struggling to bridge the gap between your ambitions and actual achievements?

If you feel you’ve tried every tool and tactic out there but still find yourself at a standstill, it’s time for a transformative change.

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Despite being ambitious and driven, a lot of us end up feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Often, we know what we desire deep down but we don’t know how to achieve it.

You may have worked hard only to realise that the end results and everything you have told yourself did not bring any satisfaction. If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, it may be a sign that you need to start making some changes.


We will look at the reasons behind any misalignment, and as you take action, I’ll show you ways to overcome the challenges and help you stay on track as you clear the path towards discovering your true self.

Living as your true self will increase self-led direction, confidence, and success that are all aligned with your real values.



Person-Centred Transformational Coaching is a unique approach, its distinctive blend of positive psychology, psychotherapy, and coaching techniques, is crafted to delve into the very core of your mindset issues.


BLUEPRINT stage is about understanding the foundation of who you are. We’ll dissect your life’s unique experiences to uncover your core identity. It’s a step beyond traditional coaching, aimed at revealing not just your goals, but your true self. Together, we’ll build the self-awareness needed for your personal transformation.


SELF INQUIRY’ phase, we focus on identifying and challenging the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. We’ll work together to recognise the triggers that impact your decisions and behaviours. This step is crucial for gaining insight into what prevents you from progressing and paving the way for positive change.


LEARN’ phase, we’ll enhance how you interact with yourself and others. You’ll develop emotional intelligence, confront self-doubt, and refine self-awareness. We’ll also focus on managing relationships effectively and establishing healthy boundaries.


In this transformative step, you’ll integrate your insights to align with your true self and deepest values. It’s a journey of heightened self-awareness and confidence, where you emerge not just as the person you aspire to be, but as your most authentic and unstoppable self


DESIGN’ phase, you will craft a definitive roadmap for your personal and professional life. This stage consolidates the strong foundation you’ve built and leverages your enhanced confidence and communication skills. It’s about aligning your actions with your core identity and making a meaningful, positive impact on your world and that of others.


Initial deep dive 90 minute discovery so we can explore your current challenges.

Personalised Resources to you delivered after each session


You will have an initial Deep Dive’ session to discuss your needs & clarify your vision. By creating a completely bespoke coaching approach that works just for you, we’ll unlock the skills, habits, and mindset you need to succeed in achieving your goals.


Monthly Zoom or face to face coaching sessions to work through the plan & help to overcome challenges as they arise.


Access in-between sessions, accountability, feedback and mini coaching from WhatsApp or email within the agreed period.


You also will have access to mini masterclass training to help you along the way and reduced rated for personal Therapy sessions.


Personalised resources to you delivered after each session.


Personal XXXXXX Profile XXXX Help. (more details to follow)


Starting from PRICE TBC +VAT per month

Minimum of 6 months



Do you find yourself living with long-standing anxiety?


Does a lack of confidence hold you back?


Is your sense of worth heavily tied to others' approval?


Are you often overwhelmed, feeling low on energy?


Facing challenges in advancing your career or business?


Struggling to find time for yourself amidst the hustle?


Feeling tangled by your own thoughts?


Finding it hard to forge meaningful connections, both personally and professionally?


Concerned about undermining your own achievements?


Constantly shifting goals, unable to Savor your successes?

DEEP DIVE – Personal Growth Intensive

Transform Yourself with a One-Day Personal Growth Intensive


Step Away to Gain Perspective on Your Challenges

It’s often said that to find solutions, one needs to step back and view the whole picture. The Deep Dive Day offers just that—an immersive experience dedicated to unravelling your challenges and reshaping your mindset for success.

Tailored to Your Journey – The Deep Dive Day Experience

The Deep Dive Day comprehensively explores your personal and professional life. It’s an opportunity to untangle complex thoughts, gain fresh perspectives, and create a clear, actionable strategy for personal growth. This session is uniquely yours, designed to focus on the most challenging areas.

Setting the Stage for Transformation

Before the Deep Dive Day, we’ll connect via Zoom to identify and discuss the specific personal challenges you wish to address. This preparation ensures that our session is focused and tailored to your needs.


Starting from PRICE TBC +VAT per month

Minimum of 6 months

Exploring Areas of Transformation

While each journey is unique, here are some themes we might explore:

• Overcoming mindset barriers to personal and professional growth
• Developing strategies for improved work-life balance
• Building resilience and coping mechanisms for stress
• Enhancing communication skills for better personal and professional relationships
• Creating action plans for achieving personal goals
• Cultivating a positive self-image and confidence
• Addressing specific personal challenges that impact your daily life

A Day for Personal Empowerment

Imagine a day free from distractions, focused entirely on you and your personal development. It’s a time to dream big, set goals, and create a path towards a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Results That Resonate

Understanding that real change takes more than discussion, you will leave the Deep Dive Day with clarity and confidence. You can expect to feel more motivated, have a renewed sense of purpose, and better understand the path to your personal and professional success.

1:1 Strategy Sanctuary: Personal Growth Retreat

Take a full day just for yourself, immersed in an exclusive strategy retreat that’s all about personal or business growth. Whether tackling a specific challenge or seeking clarity, this Deep Dive Day is your chance to get some clarity and move forward.

Join me in the serene environment of a luxury pod in the Staffordshire moorlands for a day that promises not just progress but peace of mind and creative freedom. This retreat is perfect if you’re:

  • You crave a day dedicated entirely to your personal and business development.
  • You value expert guidance to navigate complex challenges and decisions.
  • You seek a confidential and supportive space to explore sensitive issues.
  • You need strategic clarity to make better decisions and set actionable goals.
  • You want to relieve stress and boost creativity away from daily distractions.
  • You desire tangible outcomes, like a clear action plan and useful resources.
  • You’re looking to connect with like-minded individuals for networking and support.
  • You appreciate the indulgence of a luxurious setting to enhance your strategic planning.
  • You expect a comprehensive experience, from tailored prep to post-session follow-through.
  • You recognise the importance of investing in yourself for long-term personal and professional growth.


What to Expect:


  • Pre-Session Alignment: We’ll have a conversation to tailor the day to your needs.
  • Tailored Mini Training: Receive a bespoke training session addressing your unique challenges, such as overcoming self-doubt or mindset shifts.
  • Documented Insights: Key takeaways will be documented and sent to you, allowing you to fully engage in the experience without worrying about note-taking.
  • Catered Refreshments: Enjoy a lovely lunch, refreshments, and great company throughout the day!
  • Conclusive Clarity: Depart with a clear plan of action to guide your next steps.
  • Reserve your space for an opportunity to be heard, get creative, and receive the strategic support you need to elevate your personal and business aspirations


Starting from PRICE TBC +VAT per month

Minimum of 6 months

Join me for a free 20-minute discovery call, via Zoom.

This is a chance for us to get to know each other and start dreaming BIG about all the amazing things we could achieve together!

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I’m Geri Carey

Uncover what has shaped you into the person that you are today and use these lessons to create a personal success strategy that’s aligned with your own visions, values and beliefs. Growing your self-awareness will unlock a world of opportunities that will help you to grow the relationship you have with yourself and others.

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