Today was a first for me and I still don’t understand how, but it happened!

I am building a new website (with a little help from some experts) so I have been thinking about the things that I do. My husband, Sean, asked me why I only promote myself as a ‘Reiki Practitioner’ on my website when I do all sorts of other things. This got me thinking, so this morning I sat down with my pen and journal book, in the peace and quiet, with the intention of writing a new section for my website explaining what I do.

I have heard many people say that they ‘channel’ words and they don’t know where the words come from, they simply pop into your head and you are writing so quickly your thinking mind has no time to actually think about it, you simply write. Well that’s exactly what happened!

So here is what I do, although it may need a final polish before it goes on my website…

🌿YOGA – is my connection to the breath, this Reiki Energy that flows through my body.

🌿REIKI – is my understanding of this energy and how I can use it for the highest and greatest good.

🌿DRAGON FREQUENCIES – are the feelings of this Reiki Energy. Sensing this energy is both within and without, the land, the skies, the universe. All a part of me and the dragons are my connection to that experience.

🌿SOUND – is how I can share this connection with others who may think that some of these ramblings are a bit ‘Woo Woo’ to quote a phrase from one of my favourite writers and authors, Dr David Hamilton. Sound vibration and frequency speaks to everyone, wherever you are on your spiritual journey, and if you have not started down that spiritual path, let it spark your curiosity!

🌿THE DRUM – a recent addition to my repertoire. The heartbeat of this land that resonates within my own heart, connecting and grounding me to mother earth. When you connect to the vibration of the drum you connect to the song lines that travel around mother earth. Like the energy lines that flow through our own bodies, they need to be kept flowing freely and easily.