Better data for your Banking customers

We help transform traditional bank data into actionable insight by

cleansing and enriching your messy banking transactions, with logos and geolocation.

Give your financial services a data makeover

Unite your customer data experience across all your platforms.

Industry leading user experience

Improve the user experience for your customers by providing industry leading cleansed merchant names, common merchant geolocation data

Make your product stand out

In a crowded market standing out is just as important as the product itself

Empower customers to act on fraudulent transactions

Knowing who, where and what a transaction was, helps reduce the time impact for fraudulent transactions

Lower customer service engagement

With a more informed customer, contact to customer service representatives will be reduced through awareness of what a transaction is – fraudulent or intentional

Merchant grouping

Ability to match individual stores to an overall group merchant

Logo matching

Utilise logos to give users confidence with brand recognition. Logos are auto matched to each transaction but can be overridden when needed.

Content management system

Our secure CMS Provides your business with the power to moderate and administer merchant data on your network.

SIC Code support

Support for SIC merchant categorisation.


Deliver insight into where a transaction has taken place with geolocation data

Cloud based high availability API

Real time analysis on anonymised individual banking transactions
Cloud based designed to respond in milliseconds utilising Amazon AWS serverless architecture to scale under demand
Lightweight and designed to be consumed on web or mobile devices

Over 2 billion transactions processed worldwide in 2019

Our data cleansing algorithm has been built up over decades, matching raw transactions to merchants and providing insight into customer spend

How it works

1. Raw transaction data

Our secure CMS Provides your business with the power to moderate and administer merchant data on your network.

2. Clean & Enrich

The data is cleaned, and enriched by providing merchant logos and geolocation data for each transaction

3. Customer insight

Customers have a better understanding of their banking transactions and helps them make more informed decisions.

Ready to get started?

Book a demo with one of our solution architects to help you understand how our product operates and how it could power your business and deliver for your customers.