New Energy Grants Help Businesses Reduce Carbon Footprint

More than 500 businesses in the local area have seen their overheads and carbon footprints drastically cut, thanks to energy saving grants from Low Carbon Workspaces. Addressing the energy needs of small-to-medium sized businesses in South East England, grants of between £1,000 – £5,000 have helped to implement more ecologically friendly technology in the workplace – including equipment upgrades, heating and cooling upgrades, insulation, glazing, and solar panels.

With the Government’s pledge to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050, businesses at every level are being called to make changes – changes that are necessary, but not always easy. The juggling of costs and needs can be especially difficult for local enterprises, but Low Carbon Workspaces provide a long catalogue of companies assisted in the endeavour. Take Watford’s Pump House Theatre, for example, which – according to the LCW website – regenerated its lighting, assisted by a grant of £3,405, and is now saving more than £5,700 off its energy bills each year…  And the new LED lights which illuminate each production will subsequently be saving a fantastic 13 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually – the equivalent to planting 5 acres of new forest every year!

If you are part of a local business and are interested in saving on energy and CO2 emissions, you can find more details, success stories, and information on how to apply using the link below: