Trees and Jubilees – a Great Green Movement and How to Get Involved

As many schools and many individuals will know by now, the UK has seen a huge increase in tree planting this year – thanks to an initiative called ‘the Queen’s Green Canopy,’ celebrating Her Majesty’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee in possibly the leafiest way imaginable. Beginning in October 2021 and continuing through to the end of Jubilee Year 2022, we’ve already seen more than 1 million new trees start to grow, thanks to the efforts of communities across the country. Not only is this a great way to celebrate the Jubilee, but it’s also an opportunity to boost wellbeing, protect local wildlife, and contribute to the fight against climate change!

According to Planet Radio, the Woodland Trust has given out over 80,000 saplings in the East of England alone – 6,500 of which were planted in Bedfordshire, and 13,000 of which were planted in Hertfordshire. This colossal effort involved many schools and over 100 independent organisations, and as the trees grow, they’ll undoubtedly contribute to the beauty and stability of our local ecosystems.

Thank you to everybody who’s been involved so far! Soon enough we’ll be enjoying new trees, even whole new forests, which will develop over time and bolster our countryside for generations to come.

If you’re interested in planting a tree for the jubilee and joining ‘the Queen’s Green Canopy,’ you, your school, or organisation can find more information at The ideal season for tree planting may currently be over, but the summer months can always be used to plan your planting and / or celebrations before the saplings and shovels return in October!